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Welcome to Fernandina Harbor Marina

Nestled on Amelia Island in Florida is the scenic little beach town of Fernandina Beach, known for its history, stunning views and beaches, and quaint small-town vibes. Fernandina Beach could just be the ideal island getaway of your dreams, and Fernandina Harbor Marina is right here to show you why! 

A Coastal Haven on Amelia Island

Fernandina Beach is a premiere city on Amelia Island, Florida. It’s home to not just pristine waters and beaches, but its fair share of historic sites and landmarks, as well as a calm, laidback atmosphere that you’re sure to fall in love with.

The town of Fernandina, as it was known back then, was an important waterway for trade and travel since the very start and it made the place quite a big target for plenty of conquerors. In fact, Fernandina changed hands quite a bit over the course of its history, from the Spanish, to the French, the British, and even, very briefly, pirates and brigands. 

Fernandina Beach has a history dating all the way back to the Civil War and even beyond that, to the very first Native American settlers on Amelia Island. Here you’ll find the historic Fort Clinch, which was occupied by both Confederate and then Union soldiers at some point, although no battles were ever fought here. It’s a great idea for a day trip!

Other than that, Fernandina Beach also boasts an extensive historic district full of old buildings and structures that date back to the town’s founding, such as the oldest continuously operated hotel on Amelia Island, the Florida House Inn, and the Lesesne House. You’ll feel like you stepped right back in time when you stroll down these storied streets and get a glimpse of the Colonial architecture. 

And speaking of streets, Fernandina Beach’s main street is the place to go for food, shopping, live entertainment, and just about anything you could want or need, including a closer look into the town’s history. Featuring its own unique combination of historic sights and modern sensibilities, main street and downtown Fernandina is full of delicious dining experiences with mouth-watering Southern dishes, seafood an more, quirky boutiques with unique finds and handmade treasures, and even an opportunity for a round of mini golf, Florida’s favorite pastime!

Best of all, Fernandina Beach gives you an exclusive front row seat to one of the best sunsets this side of the Atlantic Ocean, with wonderful harborside views everywhere you go in little seaside cafes and restaurants or even just standing there by the harbor. 

And especially for avid boaters and enthusiasts, Fernandina Beach is the perfect place to go for that dream vacation getaway. Not only is it an ideal starting point for the Intracoastal Waterway, but it’s an excellent spot for fishing, cruising, or just spending a day out on the water, drinking in the views and the vibes.

Whatever you’re looking for, Fernandina Beach is the place to find it!

Looking for that charming seaside island life? Fernandina Beach is your ultimate destination for everything from beautiful sunsets and harborside living to historic sights and sounds and idyllic retreats. So what are you waiting for? Book a slip with us today and experience the charmed life at Fernandina Beach!

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